Insurance Investigations

Insurance Company Investigative Services

Shinkowsky Investigations provides a complete line of private investigative, process service, security services and litigation support to insurance companies, self-insured employers and third-party administrators. Our insurance investigations assist the insurance defense counsel in making informed decisions about case strategy. 

Shinkowsky Investigations has been serving the needs of insurance companies for more than 15 years. In additional to investigating vehicle crashes, damaged cargo claims, theft claims, disability and medical malpractice, our Insurance Investigations services also include:

Alive and Well Checks

An Alive and Well check is an in-person interview which ensures the claimant or beneficiary is, in fact, living and receiving benefits. We verify the claimant’s Social Security Number, check the Social Security Administration Death Master File, conduct interviews with neighbors and relatives, research obituaries nationwide, and more. We also scan social media for relevant information as it pertains to the claimant in question. Shinkowsky Investigations’ professional and trained team conduct these investigations in a professional and discrete manner.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Our insurance fraud investigators use their fact-finding skills to gather evidence and conduct detailed investigations about suspicious losses or organized crime. Our investigators lead in-depth interviews of participants, witnesses and claimants, complete detailed and extensive investigations in adherence with our private investigative best practices, gather evidence and make determinations regarding compensability, and maintain an extensive network with law enforcement agencies to work in collaboration in the investigation of insurance fraud.

Witness Interviews

Interviews of witnesses can be tricky and should be conducted by professional, trained investigators. Witness interviews can be conducted for business, personal and legal purposes. Interviewing a witness requires strict adherence to best practices and professionalism, along with a knowledge of the situation leading to the witness interview.

Workers’ Compensation Investigations

Workers’ compensation benefits are a privilege to injured workers. However, many people take advantage of the workers’ compensation system by making false or inflated claims, or by remaining on workers’ compensation even after an injury has resolved. Our experienced private investigators have years of experience conducting discreet undercover workers’ compensation investigations to determine if a claim is or is not legitimate.

Self-insureds Investigative Services & Third-Party Administrator Investigative Services

Being self-insured means that your company bares the same risks as an insurance company. You don’t only pay medical, dental and vision claims, or use a third-party administrator to process the claims on your behalf, but you are also responsible for investigating insurance claims.

Shinkowsky Investigations is headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, with professional investigators and process servers in Lancaster, York, Lebanon, and Carlisle, PA, among other areas of the Commonwealth. Our clients depend on our comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective services to meet their investigative objectives. As a professional Private Investigation Agency, all assignments are handled expeditiously by trained, experienced agents. Call us today for your private investigative, private security and process service needs.


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