Surveillance Services in Pennsylvania

Located in Harrisburg, PA, Shinkowsky Investigations is a licensed Private Investigation Agency which provides a complete line of private investigator services including discreet surveillance. Our seasoned operatives will follow, or tail the subject to collect the evidence you need.

Surveillance is the observation, documentation and reporting of the activities of an individual, his or her actions, his or her interactions with others, and his or her whereabouts. Surveillance also includes the monitoring of the activities and individuals at particular locations. Surveillance is one of the most important tools used by private investigators. We are able to collect information about a subject and preserve documented and court-admissible evidence of the person’s activities.

When is surveillance useful?

Surveillance is useful in many types of investigations such as:

  • Child custody disputes
  • Criminal defense to disprove allegations
  • Infidelity (cheating spouse or significant other)
  • Product counterfeiting and diversion
  • Worker’s compensation cases

Our private investigators are trained and have access to the latest surveillance equipment, specialized cameras, and surveillance vehicles. We are up to date on current privacy laws and often work with law enforcement agencies to deliver reliable information. Our clients depend on our comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective surveillance services to meet their investigative objectives. As a professional Private Investigation Agency, all assignments are handled expeditiously by trained, experienced agents. Call us today for your private investigative, surveillance, private security and process service needs.


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