School Residency Verification

School Residency Verification Investigative Services

Public schools across the United States rely on local taxpayers’ dollars to provide free education to their resident students. Most states have basic school residency requirements in order for students to enroll and receive a free public school education. In Pennsylvania, the PA Code outlines resident children’s entitlement to public school education. Chapter 11, Section 11 entitled Admission to Public Schools, reads as follows:

Entitlement of resident children to attend public schools.

“A school-age child is entitled to attend the public schools of the child’s district of residence. A child’s district of residence is that in which the parents or the guardian resides. When the parents reside in different school districts due to separation, divorce or other reason, the child may attend school in the district of residence of the parent with whom the child lives for a majority of the time, unless a court order or court approved custody agreement specifies otherwise. If the parents have joint custody and time is evenly divided, the parents may choose which of the two school districts the child will enroll for the school year. If the child is an emancipated minor, the resident school district is the one in which the child is then living. For purposes of this section, an emancipated minor is a person under 21 years of age who has chosen to establish a domicile apart from the continued control and support of parents or guardians. A minor living with a spouse is deemed emancipated.” Residency fraud occurs when parents lie about their residency on enrollment forms so their children may attend public schools in jurisdictions where they don’t live. And while some school districts employ their own school residency investigators (SRI), most do not have the funding or need for full-time school residency investigators. That’s where Shinkowsky Investigations comes in.

Evidence of non-residency in school residence verification investigations

Our trained and professional private investigators look for evidence of non-residency which may include:

  • Post office boxes or mailing addresses outside of school district boundaries
  • Student participation in non-travel team sports outside of the school district
  • Proclamations by students or neighbors that the student does not live in the district
  • Proof that children reside with a non-parental guardian Monday through Friday and reside with parents outside of the district on the weekends
  • Surveillance of the student’s reported address fails to show the student at that address

Our school district clients depend on our comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective services to meet their investigative objectives. As a professional Private Investigation Agency, all assignments are handled expeditiously by trained, experienced agents.

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